We are thrilled to announce that SIAL has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with ABM (Applied Biological Materials), a leading biotechnology company based in Vancouver, Canada.
Since its inception in 2004, abm has become one of the foremost innovators in the biotech industry. They provide an extensive range of reagents and customized services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the research community. Their offerings include advanced solutions in CRISPR, Vector/Viruses, siRNA, circRNA, Cell Engineering, PCR, RT-PCR, antibodies, peptide and protein synthesis, cloning, gene synthesis, and much more.
At SIAL and abm, we share a unified mission: empowering Italian researchers with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service at competitive prices.
For more information or to explore our comprehensive product and service offerings, please contact SIAL Customer Service.
Together, let’s drive innovation and achieve new research milestones!

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